How do I create, delete and edit Teams?

Creating Teams

To create a new Team, click the + sign at the top of the sidebar and select "Create New Team." Note that you must be an Org Admin to create a new Team.

In the Create New Team popup you can give your Team a name, as well as select Org Members to add to the Team as Full Access Team Members. You can search for members already in your Org or add ones. You can also invite or add Team Members later on.

Editing Team names

To change a Team's name, first navigate to Team Reports & Settings by clicking the gear icon next to the Team's name in the sidebar.

Next, click on the Team name at the top of the screen and type to enter your new Team name. Click out of the text box or press enter to save the new name.

Deleting Teams

Teams can only be deleted when Org Admins send a request to our support team. 

If you would like to delete a Team, please contact us.

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