How do Permissions work?

There are different permission levels in Circa for adding collaborators, as well as publishing options that don't require viewers to have a Circa account.

Publishing to viewers vs. Inviting collaborators

You can use Circa to publish Event Calendars, Briefs and Forms to viewers, while inviting collaborators to create and modify events and event info, with different levels of access.

When publishing, you can limit access to only viewers that are employees at your company. This is accomplished by enabling Single sign-on (SSO).

Orgs, Members, Teams and Events

Circa is organized in an Org > Team > Event model.

  • Orgs are the top-level. All Members, Teams and Events belong to one (and, currently, only one) Org.
  • Members are users. All users must be Org Members. Users can also be designated as either Team Members or Event Staff. Event Staff have different levels of Access (Full, Limited or None) to Events.
  • Teams are a way to group Members and Events together. People who work on a lot of the same Events can collaborate more easily in a Team because they will automatically have Full Access to all the Events in that Team. Larger companies will typically have multiple Teams based on division and/or geographic territory.
  • Events are in-person and virtual events. Events can belong to one and only one Team currently, though they can have Members from other Teams and split Expenses across Teams. 

You can use Circa to keep track of non-event projects, too. Events work great for any project with a timeline, Checklists, Budgets, Attachments, Notes, CRM sync, etc. Internally, we use events to manage our digital marketing projects too.

When an Org Member has Access to an event, it does not necessarily mean that she is on the Staff of that event. For example, Org Admins may not be Staffed on any events in the Org, but will have Access to all of them by virtue of being an Org Admin.

Permissions by Role

Org Admins

  • Are automatically added as Team Members on all Teams.
  • Have Full Access to all events in their Org.
  • Can create, view, update and delete all events and all details in those events.
  • Can create, view, update and delete Org Settings, Event Calendars, Request Forms, Registration Forms and Brief Templates.

Team Members (Full Access)

  • Have Full Access to all events on their Team(s).
  • Can be assigned to one or multiple Teams within an Org.
  • Can create, view, update and delete all events on their Team(s) and all details in those events.
  • Recommended for Event Managers and close collaborators from marketing and design teams.

Team Members (Limited Access)

  • Team Members with Limited Access are not currently supported... if this is something you're interested in, please let us know!

Event Staff (Full Access)

  • Can create, view, update and delete all details in an event.
  • Cannot delete the event itself, unless they are also a Team Member.
  • Cannot create new events, unless they are also a Team Member.
  • Must have Full Access if they are a Team Member. In this case, you'll see "Full Access (via Team)" displayed as their Access Level within the Staff tab of an event.
  • Recommended for close collaborators on specific events, but not on every event in the Team.

Event Staff (Limited Access)

  • Can view an event, but only their own Tasks and Schedules
  • Cannot delete an event, create new events or update event details, such as dates and locations.
  • Can view their Task Assignments and update the Status, add Comments and Attachments on those Assignments.
  • Cannot create or delete Tasks or update Task Due Dates.
  • Can view and update their own Meetings, Meeting Notes, add Contacts to Meetings, etc. in the event.
  • Cannot view the Event Budget or Attachments associated with Budget, such as invoices.
  • Recommend for sales reps, agency staff and vendors.

Event Staff (No Access)

  • Cannot view, update or delete an event.
  • Isn't sent any email about an event.
  • Cannot sign into your Org if they're only added with Event Staff (No Access).
  • Cannot create or update Contacts or Meetings if they're only added with Event Staff (No Access).
  • Isn't sent any email about Circa at all, including the Welcome email, if they they're only added to Events with No Access.
  • Recommended for VIPs and speakers.
  • Not used very often, but very useful when you need it.

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