How do I customize my view of the Events Dashboard?

The Events Dashboard is the best place to view all of your Event information in one place

Adding or removing Dashboard columns

Columns dictate which Event information is visible within a view. To add or remove columns within the Events Dashboard, click the Columns drop-down menu in the upper right. Your column selections will set your default view.

Columns include:

  • Team
  • Basic Event information
  • Location
  • Budget
  • Custom Fields
  • And more

Applying Dashboard filters

Filters dictate which events flow into a view based on the filter criteria. To filter data within the Events Dashboard, simply click the Filters drop-down menu in the upper-right.

Filters include column data such as:

Using bookmarks to save Dashboard views

You can use your browser's built-in bookmarks feature to save views of the Events Dashboard.

Each update you make to filters will edit the page URL, so when you have filters set to a view you would like to save, save it as a bookmark. You can then click the bookmark link to return to that specific view at any time.

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