How do I manage my Email Subscription settings?

Manage automated emails for activity, Tasks, comments and Shipping updates.

Your Email Subscription settings are located within your Account Settings menu. 

There are four separate Email Subscriptions you can set:

  1. Team Activity for a summary of activity across all of your Teams
  2. Your Tasks for your new, upcoming and overdue Task assignments
  3. Comments for Tasks that you're assigned to or following

Team Activity

The Activity Summary email is a summary that includes newly-created and updated Events, Tasks, Assignments, Due dates, etc. You can choose whether to receive activity summaries about your Teams or your Events, as well as the frequency at which you receive these emails. Choose between a daily email (sent at 7am in your time zone), a weekly email (sent at 7am on Monday morning), or to never receive these emails. 

Your Tasks

The Your Tasks section within Email Subscriptions includes settings for new Task Assignments and reminders.

  • New Assignment notifications are sent immediately by default in separate emails.
  • You can opt to receive New Assignment notifications in daily or weekly batches, or never. 
  • Reminders are sent for all of your Assignments that are due soon or are overdue. These are sent three days before, one day before and two days after a Task’s due date, provided that the Task has not been marked as completed.
  • You can opt to turn Reminder emails on or off.


The two types of comment notification emails are for @-mentions and followed Tasks.

  • When a Teammate leaves a comment with an @ symbol highlighting your name, you'll receive an email notification with the comment.
  • If you follow a Task, you'll receive all of the comments on that Task via email.
  • When you're assigned a Task, you start following that Task by default. You can unfollow a Task and still be assigned to it.
  • There is a button to follow or unfollow on every Task. You can follow a Task even if you're not assigned to it but still want to receive comments via email.
  • You can opt to turn @-mention and Followed Task emails on or off.

A few notes:

  1. The Activity Summary respects Permissions, so your Teammates only receive updates on the the Events, Tasks, etc. that they can also see in the app.
  2. The immediately option for Task notifications is not instant - we hold the notifications for three minutes in case you were assigned accidentally or if the assigner wants to add some additional information.
  3. If you assign yourself to a Task, you will receive reminders, but you will not receive New Assignment notifications.

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