How do I create a Registration Form?

Registration Forms in Circa take a templated, customizable and integrated approach to rapidly scale to tens or even thousands of virtual events and webinars.

Org Admins can customize Registration Forms with Custom Fields, email confirmation and calendar invites. Admins can also enable Contacts created through or updated by Registration Form submissions to sync to CRM.

To create a new Registration Form, simply navigate to Org Reports & Settings > Publishing > Registration Forms and click the "Create New Form" button.

The Registration Form Builder will walk you through three sections to create your form: Questionnaire, Settings and Preview. 


The Questionnaire section of the Registration Form Builder allows you to set a title and description for your Registration Form and select which custom Contact fields to include within your form. The following fields can be included within your form: 

  • First Name, Last Name and Email (required by default)
  • Any fields set to required within your custom Contact field settings will be included within the Registration Form by default. 
  • If you have any custom Contact fields enabled that aren't set to required, you can toggle on the "Include Company Fields" button to include them. 


The Settings section allows you to customize the behavior of your Registration Form. You can customize the following settings: 

  • Event name and date on form
  • Post-submit confirmation message
  • Post-submit confirmation email
  • Sender email address and BCC email addresses
  • Send a Calendar Invite
  • Allow only business email addresses


The final step in the Registration Form Builder allows you to preview the final formatting of your form. 

  • At any time, you can click the "Back" or "Next" button to navigate back and forth between the Registration Form Builder sections to make changes. 
  • Once you're satisfied with the layout of the preview, simply click "Publish" to finalize your Registration Form. 

After your Registration Form has been published, you're now ready to share and use the form to track registration for an event.

Read more about sharing Registration Forms across events and tracking registration/attendee data here.

A few notes:

  1. After a Registration Form has been published, it can be used to track event registration within Circa.
  2. You can use a single Registration Form to track registration across as many events as you'd like.
  3. You can also create as many Registration Forms as you need.

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